Hi there! Stef here writing.

About me
Actually my real first name is Stefania, but I have been automatically christened Stef by co-workers and friends once I landed abroad.

Not much to say: I spent my childhood and youth in Italy. In 1999 I moved to The Netherlands and then to The United Kingdom and then again in The Netherlands. In North Europe, I have had the opportunity to start a new personal and professional life. I have been working and living abroad ever since and happy to be here.

About this site
What you find here is a a bit of my professional and personal life. Actually, a bit more about my passion for the Internet than about my profession. If you are here from LinkedIn, please note that this website is just loosely related to my career.

The blog posts are mainly in English. Some old posts are bilingual English/Italian and the oldest in Italian only (they were intended to non-Anglo educated readers).

Should you have comments, remarks or you want to know something more about me and my career, please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form below:

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Wonder if these nerdy posts are related to my job, well, the answer is no. As a good friend once told me, "one never heals from programming!". It must be true in my case....

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