RSS Just Better Plugin version 0.6 released

A New version for this popular plugin has finally been released.

Main changes are:

  • (new feature) the user is now able to set the cache refresh time both in the widget form and in the shortcode
  • (bug fix) Boolean variables were not properly tested and caused some inconsistent views when used as a shortcode

Please, read the plugin homepage for the complete update.

Wonder if these nerdy posts are related to my job, well, the answer is no. As a good friend once told me, "one never heals from programming!". It must be true in my case....

6 thoughts on “RSS Just Better Plugin version 0.6 released

  1. Wayne Hooper


    I’m using your plugin in a page wit the shortcode;

    [RSSjb feed="" filter="" num="3", list="ul", target="_blank", pubdate="true", pubtime="true", pubauthor="true", excerpt="true", charex="150", title="", link="false"]

    But it’s not picking up on the boolen changes and displaying as default settings. (number 5, no excerpt, no pub date etc.)

    Works fine as a widget, I just can’t get it working as a shortcode… any ideas?


  2. Wayne Hooper

    Hi Stef

    Thanks, all is now fine. Did you know that the shortcode example in the readme file has commas in? As this is where I copied it from originally.

    Thanks again

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