Primo In Finale, a trainer’s website

Confidentiality agreements prevent me from sharing over here projects and activities I have been involved in my profession but this time, I have finally embraced a personal project which needs some of my professional expertise.

It is an online marketing campaign for an voluntary athletics trainer’s website of a no-profit sport club: : Primo in Finale.

Primo is his first name but it also means 1° and Finale stands for Finale Ligure, his place but also ‘the final’. Funny. :-)

Primo has also the misfortune of being my uncle but this is another story. :-)

The athletes and competitions database that is behind this website has a very long story starting from the early 90′s and survived the technological changes thanks to exports and imports (I might tell you about it someday): I set it up for him and Primo has been maintaining it since then, day in day out (I wish I inherited his perseverance too :-().

Long story short, in the following weeks, I aim to share with you a few tips & tricks & tools of the trade to spread the words about his (or any) website online and not.

In the meanwhile, if you would like to pay a tribute to his hard work please visit Primo in Finale aka “1° in the final” :-) and if you are on facebook click on “Mi piace” (= “I like”) on the sidebar.

Thanks. Bedankt. Grazie.

Wonder if these nerdy posts are related to my job, well, the answer is no. As a good friend once told me, "one never heals from programming!". It must be true in my case....

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