RSS Just Better plugin 0.3 released

By popular demand, I made it compatible with Atom (never thought so many people might have wanted Atom compatibility).

Also, improved error messages…ooops…

A new version of my plugin is now available via this page.

Demo of this plugin always available here.

= From the changelog  0.3  in the readme file =

  • Made it fully compatible with Atom 1.0
  • Added proper error messages for: empty, non-existing URLs and invalid/misformatted feeds content
  • Added defaults for target and list (widget fields)
  • Added instruction to hide Warnings from the xmlsimple_load_file function
  • Fixed a bug which prevented proper display of description/summary with tags

Wonder if these nerdy posts are related to my job, well, the answer is no. As a good friend once told me, "one never heals from programming!". It must be true in my case....

14 thoughts on “RSS Just Better plugin 0.3 released

  1. patrizio

    hello, great plugin; i’d like to get the rss in my footer? is it possible, or only in the sidebar like widget? thank you

  2. Stef Post author

    Ciao Patrizio!

    It also works as shortcode in posts or pages like this [gnews location="us"] for example
    (its usage is explained in the plugin homepage (over here) or in wordpress repository).

    but if you want to use it outside posts or pages, it’ s a bit trickier: you need to edit your footer.php file (via Appearance -> Editor ) by adding the following line:

    < ?php echo do_shortcode('[gnews location="us" ...etc...]'); ?>

    where you want your feed to show up.

    of course the …etc… need to be replaced with the attributes you want to use in your feed.

    If you are not familiar with the above, drop me an email and will try to help you further.


  3. Robert

    Thanks for this plugin!

    Any chance of altering it to where it can grab the page title of my WP blog page and use the title as keywords to grab the RSS feed?

    Example for the yahoo news feed:

    Where “my+page+title” would be the title of the page where it is used on my WP blog?

    This would be great so the RSS feed displayed would be different on each page according to the title of the page, also it would be more relevant to the page.

    Thanks for anything you can do.

  4. Stef Post author

    Robert, hi.

    Not sure if I have understood what you want to do.

    Regardless my plugin, my understanding is that you want to use dynamically changing titles of a single WP page of yours
    Titles which are also keywords to a Yahoo (or other) feed. Is it correct?

    If the above is correct, I cannot figure out why/when would you find this advantageous.
    As you need to enter the feed URL, manually anyhow (= you type it when you configure your shortcode or widget) then you can also
    edit the page/widget title where the feed items will be displayed.

    Unless you do not wish/need dynamically/randomly changing feed URLS, but this is another story….

    Please clarify.

  5. Adda

    Hi Stef,

    I have been trying to use your plugin on the homepage of a site I am making ( I can make it work with any feed OTHER than the one for this blog ( even though the feed shows up fine. I get the following message:

    Atypical RSS/Atom feed or not supported by this plugin.

    Do you have any idea how I can fix this?

    Thank you,

  6. Stef Post author

    Adda, to me the plugin works fine, both using the feed link you gave me and the feed link of your blog into your website (which is different from that you indicated me). Both as a shortcode in a post and as widget. However, as you say “the feed shows up fine” what is that is not working then?

  7. Kathy

    I am also getting the error message:
    Error message: Atypical RSS/Atom feed or not supported by this plugin.

    I have tried a million different feeds. Actually the only one i can get to work is yours and wordpress..I’m not sure why or if there is something i need to do? the one currently in there is


    Please let me know if you might have an idea what is causing this issue.

    Thanks so much

  8. Stef Post author

    do you use the latest version, the 0.5? Do you use it as a widget or postcode?
    I tested your feed and it works to me. this is the code i used on my post:
    RSSjb feed=”” adding brackets of course.

  9. Kathy

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I am using the latest version of your plugin. I really cant figure out what the problem is. I had my host company look into it and they say it is nothing on their end. I am using it in the sidebar as a widget. I just tried putting it into a post and its not working there either. I dont know where the conflict could be. maybe you can help point me in the right direction. I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks again!

  10. Kathy

    Hi, so i’ve been digging and digging and i tried a few other RSS feed widgets and i’ve finally come to realize that it is a Google feed issue. Feeds from anywhere else seem to work. I’m not sure why that is. I even updated the parser for wordpress to no avail. So i just ended up using a Yahoo feed instead. Thanks for all your help!

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