Google News localization codes

This table is to be used with Google News Wizard plugin when used as a shortcode. Attribute location need to be one of the following.

Note: Country codes do not always correspond to the ISO country codes as some countries are combined with the language the news are written into (in many countries more than one language is spoken).

Codes Countries
es_ar Argentina
au Australia
nl_be België
fr_be Belgique
en_bw Botswana
pt-BR_br Brasil
ca Canada English
fr_ca Canada Français
cs_cz Ceská republika
es_cl Chile
es_co Colombia
es_cu Cuba
de Deutschland
es España
es_us Estados Unidos
en_et Ethiopia
fr France
en_gh Ghana
in India
en_ie Ireland
en_il Israel English
it Italia
en_ke Kenya
hu_hu Magyarország
en_my Malaysia
es_mx México
en_na Namibia
nl_nl Nederland
nz New Zealand
en_ng Nigeria
no_no Norge
de_at Österreich
en_pk Pakistan
es_pe Perú
en_ph Philippines
pl_pl Polska
pt-PT_pt Portugal
de_ch Schweiz
fr_sn Sénégal
en_sg Singapore
en_za South Africa
fr_ch Suisse
sv_se Sverige
en_tz Tanzania
tr_tr Türkiye
uk U.K.
us U.S.
en_ug Uganda
es_ve Venezuela
vi_vn Vit NamVietnam
en_zw Zimbabwe
el_gr daGreece
ru_ru Russia
ru_ua Ukraine
uk_ua Ukraine
iw_il Israel
ar_ae UAE
ar_sa KSA
ar_me Arabic
ar_lb Lebanon
ar_eg Egypt
hi_in India
ta_in India
te_in India
ml_in India
kr Korea
cn China
tw Taiwan
jp Japan
hk Hong Kong

Wonder if these nerdy posts are related to my job, well, the answer is no. As a good friend once told me, "one never heals from programming!". It must be true in my case....

9 thoughts on “Google News localization codes

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  2. Bruno


    I have installed your google news plugin into my site and inserted it as short code, and selected the pt-PT_pt (Portugal) code. But it thous not display the portuguees news but the english ones. do you know what can be the probleem?


  3. Stef Post author

    I tested the shortcode with portuguees news and – at first – it did not work to me too (also other languages as a matter of fact) then after a few minutes everything worked as expected…sometimes Google plays strange tricks…can you please try it again and let me know if your outcome keeps being in English?

  4. Stef Post author

    Sorry Jaap but Thailand is not among the countries Google collects news from. The list of the countries is determined by Google News not by me. Thanks for your interest in the plugin, though. Maybe you can enter “Thailand” into the keyword(s) textbox instead?

  5. Stef Post author

    Not sure what you are asking here Kapil. This plugin displays the very same Google News which are displayed in Google News. Google provide these news both as webcontent and as RSS feeds. You can see the Google News also via the socalled “rss feeds aggregators”. Have I answered your question? If not please write me again.

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